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Orna Curio Jewellery

Jolene Enamel and Gold Plated Blush Bracelet

Jolene Enamel and Gold Plated Blush Bracelet

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Introducing the 'Jolene' Bracelet, a name inspired by the iconic Dolly Parton. This bracelet is meticulously designed to keep you on the cutting edge of fashion trends.

Standalone Style Statement: Wear it solo for a burst of vibrant color that adds a pop of personality to your wrist. The 'Jolene' Bracelet is your ticket to making a bold fashion statement.

Curiosity-Inducing Customization: For an added layer of intrigue, personalize your bracelet by attaching your favorite Orna Curio Charm. It's a versatile accessory that allows you to express your unique style.

Elegant Fusion of Materials: Crafted with precision, this bracelet boasts the elegance of gold-plated stainless steel links, expertly hand-painted with enamel accents. The result is a harmonious blend of artistry and durability.

Perfect Dimensions: With an adjustable length of 22.5cm, the 'Jolene' Bracelet offers the perfect fit for your comfort and style.

Elevate your wrist with the 'Jolene' Bracelet, an embodiment of modern style inspired by a timeless legend. Whether you wear it solo or customize it with your favorite charm, this bracelet is a striking accessory that seamlessly blends elegance and artistic flair. Experience the fusion of enamel and gold-plated sophistication, making a memorable style statement with every wear.

Materials: Gold Plated Stainless Steel and Enamel

Measurements: 22.5cm adjustable

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