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Kashmir Turquouise and Gold Necklace

Kashmir Turquouise and Gold Necklace

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Introducing the enchanting Kashmir Necklace in Turquoise—a true masterpiece seamlessly blending sophistication with a touch of bohemian allure. Meticulously crafted from 18k Gold Plated Stainless Steel, this exquisite accessory features vibrant square-shaped Turquoise beads.

Immerse yourself in the charm of this timeless piece, where the lustrous gold-plated stainless steel harmonizes flawlessly with the geometric allure of the Turquoise beads. The careful artistry behind each element ensures a perfect balance of durability and refined aesthetics.

Designed for versatility, the necklace boasts an adjustable length of 45cm, allowing you to customize the fit according to your style and preference. Whether donned for special occasions or to elevate your everyday attire, the Kashmir Necklace promises to add a dash of radiant charm and undeniable allure to your ensemble.

Materials: 18k Gold Plated Stainless Steel and Turquoise Square Beads

Measurements: 45cm adjustable

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