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Orna Curio Jewellery

Snake Gold Bracelet

Snake Gold Bracelet

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Unveil the allure of the Snake Charmer Bracelet – a captivating masterpiece meticulously crafted from opulent gold-plated alloy and embellished with radiant rhinestones.

This substantial adornment, measuring an elegant 58cm (adjustable to fit larger wrists) by 3.3cm, is not merely a bracelet; it's an embodiment of modern glamour.

Elevate your style with this fashion statement, seamlessly marrying bold design with comfort. Resting effortlessly on the wrist, it invites admiration while effortlessly enhancing your ensemble. The Snake Charmer Bracelet is more than an accessory; it's a declaration of confident, contemporary elegance.

Materials: Gold Plated Alloy and Rhinestones

Measurements: 58cm (can be adjusted to suit larger wrists) x 3.3cm

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