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Rebel Rebel Silver Leather Cuff

Rebel Rebel Silver Leather Cuff

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Introducing the 'Rebel Rebel' Leather Cuff, a bold and striking accessory designed to make a metallic statement that's as iconic as David Bowie's legendary song. This cuff, with its pristine metallic leather, is the epitome of audacious style.

A Musical Tribute: Named after the iconic David Bowie song, the 'Rebel Rebel' Leather Cuff pays homage to his fearless creativity, making it a bold and meaningful accessory.

Pristine Metallic Brilliance: Crafted from metallic leather, this cuff exudes a pristine shine and a captivating metallic sheen that sets it apart.

Perfect Dimensions: With dimensions measuring 19.5cm in length and 4cm in width, this cuff strikes the ideal balance between boldness and comfort, making it an attention-grabbing addition to your ensemble.

Clasp of Excellence: The magnetic clasp is made from Silver Plated Alloy, adding a touch of elegance and quality to this already stunning cuff.

Elevate your style with the 'Rebel Rebel' Leather Cuff, inspired by musical greatness and designed as a bold metallic statement piece. Whether worn to express your daring style or to pay tribute to an icon, this cuff is a versatile accessory that effortlessly combines audacity and elegance. Embrace the allure of its metallic leather and silver-plated clasp, making a memorable fashion statement with every wear.

Materials: Metallic 100% Leather and Silver Plated Alloy Magnetic Clasp

Measurements: 19.5cm long 4cm wide

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